June 2, 2019

Dear IB Families,

Happy summer! What a whirlwind of activity May was. We had IB testing for three straight weeks, then we moved into all our senior events, and then we finished up with semester exams and final grades for our younger students. Thank you all for your support and patience during one of the busiest months of the year. We also want to say a special thanks to all of the parents who donated their time, energy, and resources during the last four weeks of school. From providing snacks for testing to hosting the beautiful IB senior send-off, we were once again reminded of the amazing partnership we have with all of you. It is a gift to the staff and students to have your love, support, and advocacy as we continue this journey together.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful summer and that you enjoy your time with your children. Every year, I am once again caught off-guard by how quickly the time is passing. Our youngest just finished 8th grade and he will be moving into high school next year. Our middle child will be starting his sophomore year at Texas State and our oldest will be starting her senior year at Pepperdine this fall. For a short time this summer, we will have them all in one place for our family vacation and we are so looking forward to that. There is nothing like having all of your children back together under one roof. Enjoy your travel, camps, summer jobs, family dinners, internships, and all of the other wonderful memories that will occur over these summer months. We will miss you but will look forward to seeing everyone in August!

Dr. Ritchie


Serving Woodrow Wilson Highschool, Dallas, Texas.

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