If you would like to express your thanks and gratitude for all the IB and IS teachers do, here is how you can help:

Dear Woodrow IB families,

The start of this school year will be unlike any other, and yet it is still full of excitement and promise. The entire staff at Woodrow, and our wonderful IB faculty have been working so hard to create the dynamic learning environment the students need, want and deserve. I have been moved and awestruck by their dedication.

The Woodrow IB Parent Organization exists to support this unique program, aiming to fill in the gaps that fall outside the purview of the school and district. Normally, this support comes in the form of providing morale boosting lunches, gifts of appreciation, parent education evenings, and congratulatory celebrations, but this fall is not normal. This fall we are using our budget to provide our IB teachers with a teaching tool to facilitate distance learning. Each subject has its own software package designed by IB International for this unprecedented teaching challenge. The teachers are thrilled to have this extra tool provided to them to keep their classes engaging and effective.

I invite you to renew your membership or join us for the first time. It is through the generous support of the entire Woodrow IB community that we are able to give the tools and morale boosters that make our IB program so special!

Elizabeth Furrh
IBPO President

100 S. Glasgow Drive, Dallas, TX 75214
Phone: 972 502 4400

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